Posted by: Paul | 19/07/2010

An Old Draft PaaS Mindmap

I just came across an early draft of a mindmap I did back 2-3 years ago, so I thought I would share.

While it was an early draft I think it is interesting to see who the main players where then and how little has changed as there are only a few small tweaks needed.

As with all pieces of work in this early stage of development, I certainly would do the mindmap differently, but not much really; as I currently believe PaaS pivots 4 ways now and not 3! plus this early draft does not cover integrations/hybrid/appliances/etc..!

But I think it should give folks of the potential of higher tier PaaS platform, which has more valued baked in! i.e Where I see PaaS going 🙂

Currently I am working on a more current and expansive Mindmap on my thoughts and observations on PaaS and hopefully build on the lessons I gained from building out the full version of this mindmap posted below.



PaaS - Mindmap


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